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Peggy Newfield, President of The American School of Protocol, is an internationally recognized expert in the field of business and social etiquette. Peggy created, Networking and Dining at Home and Abroad, a DVD, to arm men and women with pointers on how to successfully navigate social and business events.

Our confidence-building tips for students, business professionals, and anyone traveling include . . .

  • Networking
  • Social and Business Cocktail Events
  • Four International Dining Styles

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Networking and Dining at Home and Abroad DVD


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You will learn the best place to position yourself when attending a reception, the secret to remembering names, how to present your business card, how to shake hands while holding your food and drink, rules for toasting,  and much, much more.

Business meetings are often conducted over meals. Networking and Dining at Home and Abroad, is guaranteed to increase your dining confidence and help you perform at your personal best!