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About Our ASP® Founder Peggy Newfield

Growing up in a small southern community, I could have never dreamed that one day, I'd be asked to train a country for the US President's visit, conduct etiquette lessons for the US space team and advise more than 100 Fortune 500 Presidents and 22 MBA and Law School Programs nationwide on business etiquette.

Peggy Newfield has appeared on every major television network including BBC Radio and Television. She has written numerous articles on business etiquette and is quoted often in leading publications. Business-to-Business Magazine profiled Peggy as one of Atlanta's top 30 female professionals, affectionately referred to as "Divas.”

Peggy has trained C-Level Executives, politicians, educators, military personnel, collage and law students, physicians and a host of other professionals.

ASP graduates children's etiquette certification
Peggy Newfield founder of The american school of protocol

The American School of Protocol® was founded over 35 years ago in Atlanta, GA in response to the demand for highly qualified, certified etiquette consultants. Our company focuses on four areas of business:

  • Children’s Etiquette Certification
  • Corporate Etiquette Certification
  • 1-Day Business Etiquette Seminar
  • Character Education Products

Our extensive line of educational products entitled Cultivating Character, is designed for 1st grades through high school, to enhance the experience of learning and teaching civility through social and life skills.

The American School of Protocol® has certified more than 1000+ graduates, who have launched active etiquette companies in their US communities. Today, our certified international graduates from 40+ countries worldwide, also teach our educational lessons.
At ASP®, our goal is to provide superior Etiquette Certification to entrepreneurs who strive to make a difference in the lives of children and adults around the globe.

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