Mastering Networking and Dining Class

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Seminar Information

Group Size
4 hours
Course type
In Person


Course Video
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2024 Dates
Thursday, January 18
Saturday, March 16
Thursday, May 9
In Person in Atlanta, GA

Seminar Description

Mastering Networking and Dining is a 4 hour class focusing on how to confidently and successfully navigate social and business events. Networking and Dining often go hand in hand. Learn the ins and outs of the rules of the table and what actually happens in the first 7 seconds of meeting someone.

Remember that awkward feeling ….

  • When introducing someone, you totally forgot his or her name.
  • Standing at a reception and someone came over to shake your hand…but your hands were full, holding a plate, glass and napkins.
  • You found yourself innocently buttering your roll at a business lunch, only to discover that you took it from the bread plate of the person sitting next to you.

The American School of Protocol® can lend a hand.

Topics Included

  • How you look
  • The sound of your voice
  • Turn-ons and turn-offs when meeting someone
  • Networking a room
  • Business lunch strategies
  • The correct use of the utensils  (whether you are eating at Joe’s BBQ or The St. Regis Hotel)
  • Professional attire
  • Public Speaking

What You Will Receive At The End

  • Educational take-home information
  • A three course lunch
  • A copy of our video Dining and Networking at Home and Abroad

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