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Group Size
4 days
Course type
Live, Online
Full Certification Program
$4,495 online
$5,495 in person


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2022 Dates
February 7th - 10th
April 4th - 7th
June 6th - 9th
July 25th - 28th
September 12th - 15th
November 1st - 4th
Online Course

Course Description

The world’s future rests solely on the shoulders of our young people. Many will step up to the plate, assume responsibility, and lead successfully. Others will never have the opportunities to succeed because their world did not have that special guide, mentor, or parent.
If you are interested in becoming that mentor or guide at The American School of Protocol®, our 900-page children’s training manuals offer information on how to be that game-changer in the lives of these young adults. Educate our future generation by becoming a Children's Etiquette Consultant.

What to Expect

The intense four-day children's etiquette curriculum from The American School of Protocol®'s flagship, classroom-based course, is available online.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, after-school program coordinator, or an etiquette professional,
during these live, instructor-led distance learning modules, you will receive information on how to start your own children's etiquette business.
Fifty eight curriculum teaching lessons will prepare you to instruct children from 1st through 12th grades.

During your training, each day, you will view videos of our President, Peggy Newfield, teaching lessons to children. Experiencing these lessons being taught each day, allows you to visualize how you will conduct your own classes. You will also gain valuable knowledge about how to build a successful children’s etiquette program.
Our in-depth program has many moving parts; videos specially made to enhance your learning process, break out engaging sessions with our staff experts, small group interaction, practical teaching techniques, and antidotes of success and failure in doing business.

What You Will Receive At The End

Graduates who complete this training will earn a Children's Etiquette Training Certification from The American School of Protocol®.
You will become a member of our alumni network, offering unlimited mentoring and ongoing support after certification with no annual fees.

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Graduate Testimonies

horizontal angleChildren Testimonial Image

From the moment we met, my training began. From observing you present and field difficult questions, to graciously managing your staff, and efficiently teaching a variety of children, I learned valuable skills every step of the way. Thank you for significantly helping to build the foundation of my Etiquette business. It is clear that you truly live by the principles that you promote.


Austin, Texas
horizontal angleChildren Testimonial Image

This training was everything and more. Peggy was so thoughtful and intentional when designing the curriculum and training. She answered all of my questions thoroughly. Being certified by The American School of Protocol® is a dream come true. I have been looking forward to attending for 8 years. The training was extremely informative. I was given all of the tools needed. Peggy and her staff are so kind and went above and beyond.”


KL, Malaysia
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I came all the way from China to this country 15 years ago. The last five days of Etiquette Certification training are the most exciting moments of my life. This missing part of education is especially in great need for American born Chinese children as they grow up with mixed culture. You changed my life, my children’s life and I will pass the message on to my whole society.


New York City, NY
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